CJL Group CJL Commmunications, Inc. Infinitech, Inc. Grass Routes, Inc. Excellence, the engine that drives your project to success
CJL Group   CJL Commmunications, Inc.   Infinitech, Inc.   Grass Routes, Inc.                          Excellence, the engine that drives your project to success

CJL Group


CJL Group provides organization development with a focus on operational effectiveness. Our manufacturing representation services include:


Driving Your Projects  toward  success:

  • Intellectual Capital Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management


With over 30 years experience in product management and PMO development for the transportation industry serving the top Fortune 500 companies, we specialize as a knowledge resource in product, manufacturing, quality, cross functional alignment, Six Sigma, Lean, all of which is vitally important when managing your projects on time, on budget, with a high level of quality! We are your one source to contact that will help you partner with the right supplier for the right product solution.

In this demanding economy the question is clear: Why do you need to expand your workforce? CJL will become part of your team for a needed project solution! We will help your business grow and as the business grows we can grow with you, or once new business is part of your culture you can decide to grow from within. It makes good sense! We can help!

CJL Communications, Inc provides services in Manufacturing Representation, Program Management, and Quality Management. In addition we specialize with partners for,  web site development, training, and publishing for your company.  

Infinitech and Grass Routes are think tank and Green focused companies within our Group! Looking to the future for you!

We strive and drive for Excellence for your company! 

Contact us at cjlcomm@comcast.net


President and Director of Operations  


Spectrum of Change- A new book on the new world of corporate work! How corporations can profit, and how professional workers can benefit the corporations


Send us an email and request more information on our new book on creating mutual respect in the world of corporate contract work! Your company is losing thousands of dollars through value stream inefficiencies. Let us show you how to save money and improve throughput for your working organization! This book is the first step. Take that first step now and contact us!


The Book!

There is some good research on the economic value of intellectual capital (IC), the knowledge based equity of a company. IC impacts the bottom line where profit and high quality come together. There is a shift occuring in corporate employment. IC includes skilled, experienced human capital, organizational capital, and customer capital. Remove one part of this equation and the very survival of your enterprise is at risk especially in a very competitive, fast paced market place. What to cut when is not an easy task!


Ramdom cuts in human resources to secure the bottom line are not the complete answer. What can we do?


This book has part of the answer! It is a shift in how you think about corporate work.


Through this web site the book is specially priced. Send me an email and I will let you know how you can get a copy of this new book. cjlcomm@comcast.net


Thank you

Carl J Godell