CJL Group CJL Commmunications, Inc. Infinitech, Inc. Grass Routes, Inc. Excellence, the engine that drives your project to success
CJL Group   CJL Commmunications, Inc.   Infinitech, Inc.   Grass Routes, Inc.                          Excellence, the engine that drives your project to success

–  Analyzed a new drive train assembly operation, and implemented a critical item torque monitoring and control system to install drive trains. New system avoided the possible loss of millions of dollars in revenue based on new warranty savings, and also eliminated safety risks.

–  Slashed dealer claims per vehicle from 12 to 1 for this specialty car company that sold some of the first high-end luxury SUV vehicles which were manufactured in Italy.  Paved the way for a $1,000 savings per vehicle.

–  Significant team member that helped debut a new vehicle in a North American International Auto Show in Detroit in 1990.