CJL Group CJL Commmunications, Inc. Infinitech, Inc. Grass Routes, Inc. Excellence, the engine that drives your project to success
CJL Group   CJL Commmunications, Inc.   Infinitech, Inc.   Grass Routes, Inc.                          Excellence, the engine that drives your project to success

–  Launched a new program to recruit cross-disciplined subject matter experts to teach the peer group, as a result producing savings that easily approach  millions of dollars when considering the value of knowledge transfer and the enabling of increasing cross-functional relationships that build on cross-functional relationships.

–  Directed sales negotiation training after retaining a subject matter expert who facilitated an unprecedented training program series. Leadership role enabled the company to gain $2 million in revenue. The key individuals that made this possible were: Suzanne Orchard Director of the PMO, Derek Daskolick Director of Sales Operations and Peter Farkus Sales Training professional.

–  Designed and delivered a state-of-the-art, four-hour training program that incorporated universal project management principles and new Visteon business tools and methodologies, and utilized the Internet to facilitate training. Successful programs laid the foundation for up to $40 million in new annual revenue.

–  Paved the way for accelerated revenue in the Asia Pacific Region through robust training programs, and helped executive team increase the rate of learning in nations with high employee turnover rates. Moreover, worked with the China Team to ensure ISO compliance which was needed to support the opening of a Visteon Shanghai Technical Center, an unprecedented event.  Developed a business case which would secure $2 million in regional revenue in the first year following the introduction of a new training organization.