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Current status of business climate

We do understand that it is simple and complex! Understanding the complexity is from experience, wisdom and knowledge.


IC = HC + SC + CC


IC = Intellectual Capital

HC = Human Capital

SC = Structural Capital

CC = Customer Capital



There is some good research on the economic value of intellectual capital (IC), the knowledge based equity of a company. IC impacts the bottom line where profit and high quality come together. There is a shift occuring in corporate employment. IC includes skilled, experienced human capital, organizational capital (Structural Capital, SC), and customer capital. Remove one part of this equation and the very survival of your enterprise is at risk especially in a very competitive, fast paced market place. What to cut when is not an easy task.


Random cuts in human resources to secure the bottom line are not the complete answer. What can we do? 


Whether you are an employer, or an employee lookinng for the next opportunity, understanding IC is, understanding knowledge transfer, retention, quality, longevity, and profits. CJL Communications works to improve that understanding while at the same time producing results for your company for your companies bottom line!  



The good news!


CJL Communications can help you succeed for two very important reasons; 1) We understand the importance of maintaining the balance of a strong IC organization, 2) We have the experience of working within and managing within companies from the large OE representation to the smaller Tier organizations.

Because of this experience we focus our skill base within Six Sigma, Lean, Project Management, Manufacturing, Service, Quality, and the important Public Relations both internally and externally.  

Ask for our book "Spectrum of Change" on "Creating Mutual Respect in the World of Corporate Contract Work". We would be happy to send you a copy! This spectrum of change work is a small investment made that may change how you think about managing human capital within your organization. Then, call us first to experience how we can help you improve your business.