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2016 NDIA Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium - Technical Sessions


CJL Group was asked once again to present and  our white paper on "Applied Six Sigma Improvements in SE Interface with Project Management" was the focus for this years conference.  


The main topic of our presentation was based on 'The key to a better relationship between the interface of systems engineering and project management is in fact a strong sigma relationship.'


The presentation continued to look at and discuss an actual Dimensional Review Process that addressed; design dimensional evaluation, manufacturing systems design reviews, and production verification.


The focus is to demonstrate that by controling processes in design and manufacturing, quality is ultimately very strong and stable. This equates to first time through in manufacturing and that speaks to product reliability in the field and efficiencies mean more profits go to the bottom line.  


New Alliance Joins CJL Communications

Troszak CPA Group, has joined CJL Communications in an alliance to bring full service financial management including  payroll management, taxation brokerage services, and providing insurance needs to focus on ROI management for any client. 


When you think about managing corporate revenue and profits it just makes good sense to think about full service financial management and project/product management in the same sentence. This is why we bring this together within the family of CJL Communications. It is about how you manage your Intellectual Capital.  

CJL Communications launches Dodge Truck 5,000 sq ft cell in Benteler Automotive's Goshen, Indiana Stamping facility! 


We launched a 5,000 sq ft weld cell into the center of Benteler's Goshen facility during a 3 shift operation with minimal disruption to plant operations. Reporting through the Plant Manager's office and working with corporate engineering and plant personnel the area was cleared, marked, two pits were placed to hold two two-hundred ton C-presses supporting a six robotic ABB weld cell and material handling system. We were brought late into this project as it was at risk. We completed on time on budget and I was able to end my contract a month early, saving the client important capital. We met all of Chrysler's PSO (PPAP) requirements with a first pass run-at-rate completion!