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CJL Group   CJL Commmunications, Inc.   Infinitech, Inc.   Grass Routes, Inc.                          Excellence, the engine that drives your project to success


Six Sigma  

The goal of six sigma initiatives reduces and drives toward elimination of variability in your processes.


CJL Group provides organization development with a focus on operational effectiveness. Our services include:

  • Intellectual Capital Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management


  • Intellectual Capital Management 
    • Human Capital
    • Structural Capital
    • Customer Capital
  • Engineering Management
    • Design for Six Sigma
    • Value Analysis / Value Engineering
    • Data Acquisition Management
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Project Management (PMP)
    • Product Development and Launch capability
    • Process engineering, leadership, management
    • Training development, execution
    • BOS development
    • Materials Management
    • Logistics 
    • Capital equipment installation
    • Department development
    • Cross-functional team management
    • Data aquisition
    • Financial Management
    • Human Resources (CHRS)
  • Quality Management
    • Master Black Belt (ASQ)
    • Six Sigma Black Belt
    • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
    • Human Six Sigma 
    • Six Sigma Training Development and execution
    • Root cause failure analysis
    • Supplier development
    • Certified quality auditor
    • PPAP specialist